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Formerly bespoka labs Private Limited - An ISO 9001:2015 certified company

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bpro labs is a Chennai, India based Research, Development and Manufacturing company formerly Bespoka Labs certified with ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Our aim is to develop tailor-made products, services and solutions for the users across industries, as every application is unique and customization is necessary for getting the best insights. Bespoka Labs started Research and Development in 2014 and has many successful installations and use-cases across applications. Our customer testimonials are available on request.

The existing offerings portfolio includes ready-to-use cloud and desktop monitoring software and custom-made hardware products like data loggers and high-quality IoT sensors for various applications in industries like pharma/biotech, food industry, agriculture, logistics, aerospace and other relevant fields where continuous and accurate monitoring is required. Bespoka Labs provides customers with a complete line of data acquisition and custom engineered products. Real-time decision making is achieved by using data analytics and machine learning algorithms.

Our hard-ware expertise include controllers with sensors, memory, display, LED, battery etc. specialized in microchip controllers and communication.

About 25 years of collective experience in our Research and Development team, we have developed handled many challenging product design and development, appreciated by our clients we are eagerly looking forward to being of further-service.

Our products come with third party NABL accredited ISO 17025 certificate of calibration, and our software product is US FDA 21 CFR PART 11 compliant for healthcare and food industry-use as per norms. Understanding statutory and regulatory norms, all our products help in compliance, traceability, validation, and quality assurance programs.



Log everyday data, provide hardware and cloud based analytics for preventive maintenance and intelligent decision making.


To build robust technological products capable of providing intelligent analytics using simple, easy-to-use IoT data loggers, cloud and desktop applications for monitoring and decision-support.




Design and Development

bpro labs formerly bespoka started Research and Development in 2014. bpro works on various sections for electronics and internet of thing (IoT) development.

Our hard-ware expertise include controllers with sensors, memory, display, LED, battery etc. specialized in microchip controllers and communication.

Prototyping-as-a-Service (PaaS)

bpro labs develops a wide range of prototype hardware products, with access to necessary disciplines required to complete end-to-end Prototype Development.

bpro labs comes up with proof-of-principle prototype, working and visual prototype, functional prototype. We have successfully helped start-ups with getting their minimum viable products (MVPs) designed and tested.

IoT Custom Development (IoTChef)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects-devices, vehicles, buildings and other items-embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

The applications of the IoT typically use sensors to assist in environmental protection by monitoring air or water quality, atmospheric or soil conditions and can even include areas like monitoring the movements of wildlife and their habitats. 5G networks and Industry 4.0 provide opportunities for further development of new generation IoT products and solutions.


bpro labs providing Continuous monitoring system to detect compliance and risk issues associated with an organisation environment, warehouse etc.

Desktop 24/7 Monitoring

Windows based software for CDAS products with data collection & Report analysation

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Web Analyser

Cloud base data collection for IoT products with latest data and Report analysation

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Smart Analyser

Android base mobile app to monitor the live data of IoT dataloggers with data analysation

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bpro labs Private Limited

Formerly Bespoka Labs Private Limited


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